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Published by krae

2022 Donations Wrap Up

2022 somehow felt like the longest and shortest year. In person shows slowly gained speed, but ongoing (and very valid) concerns about the prevalence of COVID-19 and other illnesses within our community had an impact. Online shows continued and we tried to settle into a new hybrid normal. There seemed to be little political will […]

Fellow settlers: we need to talk.

So…. Some well-meaning folks have contacted me asking me to make buttons that have a Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) theme or, more recently, buttons pertaining to confirmation of the remains of 215 children who were students of the Kamloops Indian Residential School. (This blog post was written after the first recovery in Kamloops, […]

Take Your Meds

Hi. My name is K-Rae and I take an anti-depressant. There’s a lot of stigma about talking about mental illness. And while that’s something we’re seeing change gradually, it still persists. I still had doubts about posting this, but I feel that it’s important as a step in breaking down that stigma.I took multiple medications […]

New Packaging!

(Link to where you can get these for yourself is at the bottom of the post!) Awhile back I posted about examining my supply chain. With COVID-19 turning most of my business online, it made sense that the first place I would look to make significant changes would be my packaging for shipping orders.Previously, I […]

2020 Donations Wrap Up

2020 was quite a ride. The cancellation of in-person shows as well as the uncertainty with retailers who pivoted online made for an interesting rollercoaster sales wise. All things considered, we are happy with the following results for this year. Cause Yearly Total Ottawa Food Bank $193.50 Ten Oaks Project $354.50 LGBT Youthline $91.75 Sit […]

LGBT Youthline

They are a Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit* youth-led organization that affirms and supports the experiences of youth across Ontario. They do this by: providing anonymous peer support and referrals; training youth to provide support; and providing resources so youth can make informed decisions. More information on this worthwhile cause can be found on their website.

Ottawa Slut Walk

Ottawa Slut Walk is run by the Purple Sisters. The Purple Sisters Youth Advisory works to increase awareness of young women’s issues in the community. Issues such as abuse, inequalities in the workplace, legal systems and schools systems are not new, but they are still significant. While progress has been made, we must continue the […]

Maggie’s Place Toronto

They are an organization run for and by local sex workers. Our mission is to assist sex workers in our efforts to live and work with safety and dignity. They are founded on the belief that in order to improve their circumstances, sex workers must control their own lives and destinies. More information on this […]

Holidays & Shipping

Yes. The dead horse that is this topic. Shipping. The holidays. The pandemic. The gridlock. The worry. The panic. The frustration. The fact that it’s 2020, and we’re all feeling the distance between our families and us. I know it feels dismissive when we (yes, I’m using the royal we for makers now) ask for […]

On Facebook and My Products

Warning, bit of a rant ahead. Facebook has been expanding a lot of the options for pages since they merged with Instagram. In doing so, they are, at least in theory providing more options for businesses to link and sell their products across the platforms. This isn’t necessarily altruistic – it opens an easy avenue […]