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New Packaging!

(Link to where you can get these for yourself is at the bottom of the post!)

Awhile back I posted about examining my supply chain. With COVID-19 turning most of my business online, it made sense that the first place I would look to make significant changes would be my packaging for shipping orders.Previously, I have used golden yellow mailers from ULINE. These always pained me for two reasons. The first is that they were lined with plastic bubble wrap, meaning that the entire mailer had to be thrown in the garbage, and with the plastic, would not quickly decompose. The second is that ULINE’s CEOs are outspoken Trump supporters and very anti-LGBTQ (and funds groups that back pro-Trump rallies, wants the COVID shutdown ended early, etc). I do not want to continue to give money to them when they continue to do harm.

I have looked at options before, but found them too expensive (five times the cost) and too heavy. With small items like mine, I keep shipping costs low by keeping my total weight (item+packaging) under 100gs. This allows me to ship within Canada by the first level of oversized letter. Previously, all paper padded mailers weighed as much as 40g or 60g – not leaving me enough wiggle room for my magnet sets, which weigh around 65g themselves.

Compostable polymailers like noissue, are a great alternative but do not work for my needs as I must use padded mailers to protect my product as well as the mail machines (from magnets).

With that said, a new contender is entering the arena….

Say hello to my new friends!

SupremeX is in the process of releasing these new Epix Bubblemailers. (Pictured is size OX).

They are 100% curbside recyclable, which presents an eco-friendly and sustainable solution. They allow me to avoid having plastic-lined mailers.

They weigh 15-17g.

I’ve been using them since December without issue. I wanted to test them out thoroughly before posting about them, just in case they were too good to be true. I have even had a few orders returned to me due to incorrect addresses (so, they have been processed twice) and they come back in great shape.

They have the same lip tape peel and seal that we’re used to with other mailers, making it a seamless transition. I also love that they have a tear here to open strip for customers, which is something my previous mailers did not have.

It makes me thrilled to use these and know that I’m not contributing additional single-use mailers as online sales continue to increase.

Price wise, they are bit more than the golden ULINE mailers. This increase is worth it to me to make this sort of substantial change. They come in boxes of 250. Purchasing 4 boxes at the time brings their price to 38 cents each.

This is a first step towards cleaning up and improving my supply chain from both a social justice and environmental stand point.

Interested in getting some yourself?

Check out

Note: After the initial success of this blog post, the origin supplier admitted he was overwhelmed with requests and only supposed to be handling larger orders to distributors. In order to ensure these awesome mailers could be available to a wider audience – including the maker and small business community – we worked with this supplier to become a reseller. Sustainably Packaged is the result of that.

Thanks for reading!