Pride, Not Prejudice: A Craft & Community Fair

Pride, Not Prejudice is a reoccurring virtual craft and community fair for the socially conscious. It prioritizes marginalized and progressive creators, highlights community resources, and aims to build community through the sharing of art, supporting or artists, and dissemination of resources.

The fair was initially conceptualized in 2020, when, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, progressive focused in-person fairs (including the Feminist Fair) cancelled for public safety. It was a rousing success – proving that there was a need and want for such an event to continue to exist.


ShowUp: A Fund for BIPOC & QT Creators offers grants to level the playing field and remove barriers that these creators face when entering and establishing themselves in the maker community.

These grants are not charity, nor hand outs. They are the recognition that we live in a society that is not fair. A recognition that white supremacy leads to discrimination, reduced opportunities, and additional barriers for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour and Queer and Trans individuals. These grants aim to work in small, expedient, and localized ways to reduce those barriers.

ShowUp is the result of a collaborative idea between Kanata SoupIfs, Ands, or ButtonsPlanetJon and ShowWiz. These three businesses are the founding Partners of ShowUp. A critical look towards the composition of the maker community at shows, in terms of the organizers, makers, and shoppers at shows and events make it clear that work is needed to make these spaces and communities inclusive and diverse. ShowUp is the result of that call to action.