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Take Your Meds

Hi. My name is K-Rae and I take an anti-depressant.

There’s a lot of stigma about talking about mental illness. And while that’s something we’re seeing change gradually, it still persists. I still had doubts about posting this, but I feel that it’s important as a step in breaking down that stigma.I took multiple medications while in university. I’ve been off of them for most of the time I’ve been out of school – for better or for worse – but the pandemic has presented obstacles I don’t think anyone would have predicted.

They help me balance my emotions. They help me feel better overall. They help keep my anxiety (about the world kind of being on fire…) at a manageable level. And they seem to help me keep my sleep schedule somewhat near “normal”.

I don’t need to justify taking them. But I wanted to share what they do for me.

That said, I am not great at remembering to take them. At all. So I have alarms on my phone and now a bright yellow magnet on my fridge to remind me (when I go to the fridge for milk for my cereal).

Every bit helps, you know?

As a note, I want to recognize that I’m in a privileged position to have a job that has benefits and makes it accessible for me to take regular meds without needing to worry about the cost. That is a huge privilege that I am very, very thankful for.

It is utter bullshit that we have “universal” health care that will allow you to be diagnosed, but does not provide treatment. This goes for both medications and counselling. (And dental… And optometry, but those are other rants). A diagnosis does little good without treatment and support.

We need to push for actual universal healthcare.

(And these are up on Etsy as buttons, magnets, and zipper pulls).