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On Facebook and My Products

Warning, bit of a rant ahead.

Facebook has been expanding a lot of the options for pages since they merged with Instagram. In doing so, they are, at least in theory providing more options for businesses to link and sell their products across the platforms. This isn’t necessarily altruistic – it opens an easy avenue for ad revenue for them – but it does seem to be a mutually beneficial exercise.

I say in theory because it depends on if Facebook decides your products can be shown on the platform.

A set including “Boyshorts or thongs, rape is still wrong” gets flagged as being “too sexually positioned”.

“Sex work is work” gets flagged as being “sexually suggestive” or “adult products or services”.

“Teach condom sense” gets flagged as “adult products”

.And don’t even get poor Facebook started on my shiny buttons that have words like “cunt” (reclamation is power). Those are definitely, 100%, “adult products”. (Honestly, I’m least irritated about these – I get it, harsh swear words can be a hard sell.)

The time spent (largely fruitlessly) requesting review of these items numerous times to hope someone realizes they’re buttons and nothing scandalous is time and effort that could be better utilized elsewhere. But Facebook is a huge platform – is not fighting leaving cards on the table?

All this to say, that in the absence of in-person craft sales, I am working on trying to diversify and strengthen my online presence so that I’m able to expand my reach and continue contributing to the causes that mean so much to me. But there are roadblocks along the way and some of them are Facebook’s nannybots and review team.

Not to transition immediately to a plug, but this whole situation further underlines why Jon and I are working our butts off on Pride, Not Prejudice Online Craft & Community Fair. Progressive makers and artists face these additional barriers when it comes to promoting our work. PNP is one place where that won’t be an issue.

I hope you’ll join us November 5-8.
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