How We Stand

Working Actively to be Anti-Racist

Racism, and white supremacy, is not limited to the extreme examples that first come to mind when many of us (especially white people, such as myself) consider it. White supremacy, and the racism that is embedded within it, is an omni-present system and structure that has a profound impact on us all.

The society we have been raised in is intrinsically and inseparably racist. We have been socialized in that structure. The fact that we are all racist as a result of this does not make us inherently bad: it makes us human. Through recognizing and naming this system we can take the first steps towards dismantling this system.

As a white person, I have benefited and incredible amount from privilege. That does not diminish the struggles that I have faced, but it does underline that the colour of my skin has not been something that has posed those obstacles. This privilege has lead to social and economic advantages, including those that allow me to have this secondary endeavour.

LGBTQ+ Forward

We support queer and trans people. Period. Full stop. No debate.

We are founded and run by a queer woman, give back to the queer community, and are constantly re-evaluating our designs to ensure they spread love, joy, and inclusion. We welcome opportunities to continue to grow: removing, updating, and creating new designs that support the full spectrum of sexual and gender diversity.

We commit to not only being a source of affirmation for the queer community but an active force in the fight against cissexism and heterosexism. We commit to this through participation in activism, our financial contributions to the community, and through promoting fellow queer artists and businesses.

Unapologetically Feminist

We are feminist, sex positive, body positive, and radical friends of self love.

We stand in support and solidarity with sex workers. We strongly believe that sex work is work and should be protected.

Women are powerful, incredible, deserving of respect, equality, and love. The patriarchy, and the resulting misogyny, is prevalent and intersectional. We commit to working to empower women with our designs, social media, and community contributions.

Open to Growth

Anti-oppression work requires constant work and growth. I am not perfect. I do not fully understand the depths and complexity of my own privilege on a variety of fronts. If you have feedback, comments, or concerns about any of my posts, products, or actions (and are willing and able to approach me with them), I commit to being open-minded and appreciative of you taking the time and energy to call me in. I further commit to taking these call-ins seriously and proactively working to improve myself.

We welcome feedback as discussed above. We welcome discussions and questions based in curiousity. We do not welcome hate speech, mean spirited comments or oppressive content. We will promptly delete any comments on our social media channels that cause more harm than good.