Two plus three makes FIVE?! Oh my!!

We’re so thankful for everyone who’s been following along on our adoption journey! Your support has meant so much to us – especially your encouragement as we tackled Mt. Paperwork and Mt. Bureaucracy.

We’re so looking forward to welcoming three members to our family! R, a 9 year old girl, Y, a 8 year old boy, and V, a 6 year old girl are absolutely perfect and full of such joy.

We’ve had a lot of folks asking what we need/what they can get as a welcome gift for the three kids. We so appreciate the enthusiasm as we wrap our heads around what we need/want and the other changes in our home we have to get in order before their arrival. A complicating factor is that their arrival could be any time between 2-8 months from now (who doesn’t love courts, paperwork, and bureaucracy?).

We’ve compiled two registries – one at a small, local bookstore and one with a larger store and brand collection.

Gift Cards

As their kids are older, many of the things that you’d normally see on a “baby shower” registry don’t apply. Furthermore, many items such as backpacks, lunch bags, shoes, pencil cases and specific room decor have a lot to do with personality. Unlike with babies, their children have and can express their aesthetic preferences. Jon and K-Rae want to foster and encourage that and will therefore be waiting for their arrival (and a bit of time to settle in) before shopping for these sorts of things. As such, some of these more anticipated items are not able to be put on a registry.

The new family of 5 would definitely get use out of gift cards to Walmart, Loblaws, IKEA, Canadian Tire, Toys R Us, Herschel, or similar for these purchases.

Gently Used

The kiddos are active and love to play indoors and outdoors! They’d love gently used outdoor toys to play with! Everything from skipping ropes, soccer balls, basketballs, baseballs and gloves, bubbles (and more!) would be so appreciated by all three of the kids (and the parents!). The kids also love colouring and arts and crafts!

Book Registry

Jon and K-Rae have set up a book registry at The Spaniel’s Tale. They are a small, independently run book store in Hintonburg (Ottawa). They also happen to be a stockist of K-Rae’s buttons, so small supporting small runs in their veins! If you’d like to save on shipping, they have agreed to put any of the books purchased through the registry together for consolidated pick up. Just select local pick up and they’ll have a little pile for the new family!

General Registry

K-Rae and Jon have also gathered some items that are a little less personality driven and more based on needs into a registry of (mostly) non-book items, if that’s more your interest!

If sending direct to K-Rae and Jon, please use the address below:

The Landry-Weatherheads
826 Holt Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 2Y7